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President's Message
Dear fellow SCAAE members and friends, it is an honor and privilege to serve as the president of SCAAE-West for this year. I am excited to be given this opportunity to continue to work closely with you for another wonderful year 
We are pound to celebrate the 29 years of SCAAE in 2018. Over a quarter of a century, SCAAE keeps its momentum going strong in serving our members and aerospace industry. SCAAE has great traditions that our founding members have established and all members have carried out. 
As a professional organization, SCAAE has been multifaceted in terms of its activities, connections and promotions. Not only can each member participate and learn, but they help and impact other people and communities which would not be possible without SCAAE. SCAAE, resembling to the entire aerospace industry, is experiencing generation shifting that is profoundly affecting the industry. SCAAE is actively riding through challenges with a new set of vision and objectives to position itself and better serve our members and communities in a long run. 
SCAAE has had diverse activities during past year, as you may have seen in the News & Events page of its website. On this year’s agenda, our primary focus will be making this organization more dynamic and driving more growth. We will plan more events to allow our members to connect each other more frequently and productively, to better utilize SCAAE as a platform for exposing their experiences and talents. 
These are obviously not easy jobs. Without the support from you, whether it is time, idea, talent, or money, it would be impossible to turn these goals into reality. We rely on your continuing support. Together we shall make SCAAE better, and together we shall make the aerospace industry better. Once again, our thanks extend to all SCAAE sponsors for supporting us and all members, their families and friends for being with us over the years.

Thank you very much

Jack Liu