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Creativity. Inquiry. Imagination. Invention.

These are education buzzwords that sometimes seem disconnected from the expectations of curriculum standards and learning initiatives in today’s schools. But standards-based instruction can also provide avenues to creative thinking and problem solving, thanks to the exciting learning connections provided through the arts.  At this conference, a series of arts-infused workshops, along with featured conference keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein, will explore strategies to nurture inquiry, prepare for inventiveness and stimulate innovation in today’s classrooms.

The SCAAE conference continues to receive rave reviews for its practical and inspiring hands-on sessions, networking opportunities, research-based presentations, and inspirational professional environment.  With a focus on providing a rich array of opportunities to deepen understanding of the power of the arts in education, this conference offers something not only for teachers, administrators, and teaching artists but parents, school board, arts council members, and business leaders as well.  Whether your school or program is focused on STEAM, project-based learning, arts infusion, or is seeking a new path to deepen student learning, join the SCAAE for its 14th annual conference, and ignite the creative spark in your team!